Comets News · Mandatory Athlete / Parent Meeting – 2018-19

Parents of JH/HS Athletes and JH/HS Student Athletes:
This year, there will be a mandatory meeting for all JH and HS students (Grades 6-12) participating in athletics.  The meeting will be on Tuesday July 24 at 6:30PM in the HS gym or Cafe – Please enter Door #11.  Athletes must be accompanied by at least one parent at the meeting.  Attendance is required for coaches to allow students to practice and participate in athletics.  You will be required to sign-in electronically at the meeting.  The meeting will cover athletic topics, protocols, athletic trainer information and also the completion of necessary paperwork for athletic participation.  
Practice Start Date Reminder:  ALL HS fall practices will begin on Monday July 30 except girls golf which begins on July 27.  JH fall practice start dates vary; JH Cross Country begins on July 30, JH Soccer begins on August 1, JH Football begins on August 6, JH Volleyball begins on August 6. More information will be provided at the July 24 meeting.
If you have any questions or are unable to make the July 24 meeting due to being out of town, email The student athlete and parent will still be required to attend a meeting and have all paperwork submitted prior to being allowed to practice/participate.